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How long does your repair service take?

Most repairs can be completed in an hour or less. Some repairs in as fast as 15 minutes. For iPad glass repairs you can expect to leave your iPad overnight. Appointments are recommended if you need speedy service as walk-ins are served in the order in which they arrived. Wait times will be longer when there are other devices in the queue. For some specialized repairs not done in house, we may mail your device. We will provide a loaner phone for you to use while you wait for your specialized repair to be completed.

Which payment methods do you accept?

We accept cash, credit card, Venmo, PayPal, Zelle, and ApplePay. We accept all credit cards including American Express and Discover.

Where do you source replacement parts?

We have a few trusted suppliers that are not available to the public. Because we are a specialized repair service with a valid resellers license, we are able to purchase super high quality parts from suppliers that are only available to us. All of our parts, except batteries (due to their sensitive nature, easily damaged by bad charging equipment) include a lifetime warranty for defects. We do not buy parts from Amazon or other similar online retailers. If you decide to purchase your own parts, we may be able to install them but we WILL NOT provide any warranty, and if parts are defective, a labor fee will be assessed.

Do you repair Apple Watches, iPods, or Amazon Fire/kindles?

Yes we can repair apple watches, but not in house. They do need to be sent out. Repairs take about 10 working days. 

We do NOT repair iPods. 
We do NOT repair Amazon Fire tablets or Kindles. This is because they are typically disposable products that are meant to be replaced rather than repaired. It is CHEAPER to replace them then pay to have them repaired.

How much does it cost to repair my cell phone?

Well, that depends on the model. We need exacting specifications in order to be able to provide you with an accurate quote. Model numbers are often required for accurate information.

I dropped my phone in liquid, can you fix it? What do I do if my phone gets wet?

The short answer is maybe. Liquid damage is unpredictable. Industry standard dictates that if a phone is able to be salvaged after liquid damage, it is for data recovery purposes only. Electronics and liquid do not mix and damage may not be immediately apparent. Liquid damage attempts are not guaranteed. Best case scenario you may be looking at a cleaning, a new screen, and a new battery. Worst case scenario, the phone cannot be repaired.

If your phone gets wet, do not plug it in. Do not put it in rice. Put it in a warm window sill. Bring it in immediately to be opened, cleaned, and dried. 

Do you charge for diagnostics?

Typically, No. However, if your device requires an excessive amount of labor to tear down prior to being able to diagnose it, we may charge a bench fee of $29. Typically this fee is taken off the cost of the repair and only charged if the customer decides not to repair after having us do a good amount of work on the device.

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